Hello « fashion lovers »

Today, I am bringing you guys a new look titled Coat season vibe.

Simple slay outfit that you can rock on this cold season.

Enjoy it 🥂.

simple to replicate ….. most of us have all this in their closet.

Oohhh yes !!! I’m talking about black skirt and white T-shirt or top. 🤩🤩

Basic statement , the rest …. is up to you to decide …. which color coat you wanna add to complete your look.

You can decide to match the coat with the shoe and the rest of accessories but it is not mandatory.

Here you have it , all tips and secret about this look….go head and make me proud slay gang🥂🤩🤩🤩

In this outfit , I wore my basic black and white combination …. like mentioned before «  black skirt and white top », I paired it with a beige/nude color coat . To complete the look , I matched my shoes color to the coat and found a bag following the same vibe 🤩🤩

When it came to accessories, I did my usual thing …. gold gold and gold jewelry .

The details to this outfit will be linked below.

Top: Venus

Skirt: Forever21

Coat: Sold out ….. similar➡️ Forever21

Bag: MichaelKors

Shoes: sold out …..similar ➡️ Zappos
Thank y


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