Hello “fashion lovers”

Today, look book is more on the fall side than winter.

I hope you enjoy it ❤️.

e all like being comfortable. Why not ?? You Can still pull out a great number of comfortable looks even during winter 😍.

Slaying looks are what I go by …. I love looking well put together every day , every time and every where.

For this look , I wore a black dress …. black black black … you can’t never go wrong with it …. then I paired it with a colorful fall/ winter cardigan. To complete the look , I throw on some military black booties and red had for the pop 😍.

Part 2: Even while being comfy and simple …. you can still put you slay game on ….😍😍

Don’t be afraid …join the slay gang and show them some💄💄.

In this part 2 of the blog, I wore the same cardigan but this time around , I paired it with all black top and pant. To complete the look I have on same booties and a black hat.

Accessories …. you all know me …. I love gold gold gold … so my gold jewelry did the job for me💋💋.

Top: black turtleneck

Pant: black pant

Booties: any black one

Cardigan: colorful one


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