Made with a Purpose❤️💚

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Namaste “fashion Lovers”

Made with purpose is up , mixing color that some of you can’t imagine mixing but here is the result.

I hope you enjoy it ❤️🖤

Burgundy high knee boots, military green and Camo❤️💚,what a mix, but yup fashion is all about taking risk sometimes.

Try new color combination and see what you come up with …. it may be bombe , you never know. Level up you imagination you can create magic 💚🖤

Try out mine and see for yourself … this outfit is stunning … I mean look at it edgy au rendez vous, sexy and flawless vibes all over it.

Simple to rock …. outfit composed of black pants paired with Camo shirt and a green military coat. To finish up , burgundy high knee boots that matches my lipstick. Slay gang mood on🖤💚.

High knee boots: Windsor

Pant: FashionNova

Shirt: Rue21

Coat: Shein

Stay tune for more dope outfit 💚🖤


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