Slay gang sister🖤❤️🖤

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Hello lover “sissy slay gang” on point is here.

Hope you enjoy it 🖤❤️

Lil sissy and I , rocking some dope matching color jacket with each their own style and pairing 🖤❤️

Loving these looks , we are killing it …. slay slay slay blood thingyyyy we can’t help it . Haters will have to tolerate us more 🤪🤪.

As you can see , my combination are my go to favorite , a pair of blue jean from fashion nova , some flat booties that matches my jacket and black tank top, and for my baby sis …kinda similar but she is rocking a black dress instead ❤️🖤.

Personalizing your own style can be challenging at time but don’t be afraid to try what you like. Be confident and slay in your own way❤️🖤.


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